• 3 police officers in Arkansas suspended after video shows them pummeling man during arrest

    A trio of police officers in Arkansas have been temporarily relieved of their duties, pending an investigation, after a bystander captured chilling video of the officers holding down a man and repeatedly punching him in his head, driving their knee into his back and slamming his head on the concrete ground during an arrest Sunday morning.

  • Biden and Kimmel talk gun control, Republican extremism

    Two ordinary guys, Joe and Jimmy, sat down for a chat on Wednesday night, a heart-to-heart between a couple of Americans with working-class roots who managed to make something of themselves.

  • The growing threat of political 'deepfakes'

    Amid fears that altered videos could influence the next presidential election, political and business leaders — even the military — have entered the fight to stem the disinformation threat of deepfakes.

  • Skullduggery TV: “Send Her Back”

    Political consultant Mike Murphy and author and journalist Tim Alberta join Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman on this episode of "Skullduggery." After several recent racially divisive tweets from the president, former political strategist Murphy, a Republican, addresses the current state of affairs for Trump's attempt at reelection. Then Alberta joins to weigh in on Vice President Mike Pence as well as the ongoing divide in the Republican Party.

  • Skullduggery TV: The Forever Prisoner

    Ramzi Kassem, a professor of law at the City University of New York, joins “Skullduggery” co-hosts Michael Isikoff and Dan Klaidman to discuss his work defending Guantánamo Bay detainees. Kassem is currently working to shine a light on detainees who have been imprisoned without ever being convicted of a crime, such as his client Moath Hamza Ahmed al-Alawi, who was classified as a “forever prisoner” in 2010 despite never being convicted because he was considered too dangerous to be released. Intelligence analysts allege that he was once a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden. Listen to the Skullduggery podcast:

  • Skullduggery TV: Pod Save America’s Tommy Vietor

    Tommy Vietor, former spokesperson for President Barack Obama and the U.S. National Security Council turned podcaster ("Pod Save America"), joins co-hosts Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman. They discuss Trump's comments about accepting political dirt from foreign governments, his attacks on the intel community and why we no longer talk about national security issues like drones. Then, the co-hosts of the podcast "Words Matter," Joe Lockhart and Katie Barlow, jump in to comment on the state of impeachment, court fights over subpoenas, and executive privilege.

  • Tired cat holds its head with paw like 'The Thinker' statue

    This is the hilarious moment a two-month-old British shorthair uses her front paw to hold her head like the famous sculpture "The Thinker". The funny video was captured in Xiamen City in southern China's Fujian Province on June 11.

  • Skullduggery TV: Sex, Spies, and Bank Account Lies

    New York Times financial editor David Enrich and Emily Brandwin, former CIA operations officer, join co-hosts Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman on "Skullduggery." Trump's dealings with Deutsche Bank and what it's like to be a "spy" for the CIA will be discussed, as well as Mike and Dan's thoughts on Mueller's final public statement.

  • Colourful scenes from dog fashion show in Bangkok

    Colourful scenes from a dog fashion show in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 31. The pooches were dressed in cute outfits while being walked out to music on a red carpet with pop music playing in the background. The participants included a Pomeranian in sunglasses, a French bulldog in purple lycra, a family of chihuahuas in hats, a Husky in a yellow pineapple dress and a poodle in a multi-coloured tutu. The mutts were all given prizes for taking part in the event at the Pet Expo Thailand 2019 which was held at the Bitec building in the Bangna district of the capital.

  • Prairie dogs in T-shirts at pet show in Thailand

    Adorable little prairie dogs, some of them in custom made shirts and t-shirts play together at a pet show. The animals were at the Pet Expo Thailand 2019 in the Bangna district of the capital. Other pets on show included dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, birds, owls and hawks.

  • PHOTOS: Turtle rescued from net by divers

    A group of divers saved a distressed turtle from a slow death after untangling it from a large clump of fish netting. Theresa Guise, 60, from Indianapolis, took the photos of her fellow divers coming the turtle's rescue. She said: "We were looking for blue whales in our boat when we discovered a large clump of fishnet and other material. Peter de Maagt and Alex Mustard, my fellow scuba divers, and I got in the water to look at it and found a turtle trapped. Alex held the turtle so that it could reach the surface and easily breathe, and this also prevented it from fighting the rescue - it was panicking and thrashing about, clearly frightened. Peter used a knife to cut the turtle out of the netting and then Alex guided the turtle back to safety." (Caters News)

  • This Corgi Café Might Just Be the Purest Thing on the Planet

    I’ll take one latte with an extra shot of snuggles.

  • Unlikely Animal Friendships

    Animal friendships are the cutest thing I can think of. Miraculously, it gets even cuter when you have a pair of unlikely friends come together! This compilation is all about those odd couples who wouldn’t normally pair up, but have decided to bestow ultimate cuteness on us!

  • Pets Learn to Swim

    Everyone has to learn how to swim – even animals! If you ask me, they’re probably the cutest ones to watch, too! That’s why I love this compilation of animals getting their sea legs. I’m in LOVE with their tiny lifejackets and determined little faces! Way to go, fuzzy friends, way to go!

  • Baby sloth gets slow, but loving, care from mother

    A newborn sloth at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is getting a loving, but slow, welcome to the world from its mother. The zoo says the two-toed sloth was born May 14 to a sloth named Chalupa, who is a first-time mom. (May 17)

  • Eat Our Dust: Skateboarding Dogs Show Off Their Skills

    Suzanne C Knox’s dogs, Elliemae and Ricky Bobby, have many talents, including skateboarding, jumping rope and sledding.Elliemae has been skating for three years and Ricky Bobby started this year according to Knox. Indeed, Elliemae has been taking part in dog agility competitions for four years, and Ricky Bobby will join her in competition as soon as he turns 18 months.The pair’s skills are perfectly shown off in this video, originally posted to Instagram by Knox on April 22. Credit: elliemae_and_rickybobby via Storyful

  • Impatient mother cat pushes kitten into box in southern China

    An impatient mother cat was filmed pushing her kitten into a paper box in southern China. The hilarious video, captured in Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province on May 14, shows a new-born kitten trying to walk slowly into a paper box. However, the three-year-old mum standing behind it could not wait any longer and used her paw to push her baby into the box.

  • Family of Ducks Enjoy Rainy Stroll in Washington

    A family of ducks were about the only ones enjoying the rainy weather in Washington on May 13.Chris Militzer shared footage on Twitter of the ducks strolling across the street in the rain, causing a slight traffic jam, while many looked on at the cute sight. “You know it’s a rainy day in D.C. when this is your #traffic jam at 14th and L,” Militzer tweeted.The ducks didn’t stop there, and were later spotted entering the White House grounds.At the time of writing, the footage had over 150 retweets and over 1,000 likes on Twitter. Credit: Chris Militzer via Storyful

  • PHOTOS: Earth from above gallery

    This stunning aerial gallery pays homage to our beautiful planet. This collection of images shows the earth from a unique bird’s eye vantage point. From the estuaries, lagoons and flowing rivers of Iceland, Spain and Serbia, to soaring shots shot from the skies above majestic eagles, these drone pictures will make you see the world in a whole new light. Also featured are crystal blue waters lapping America's serene shorelines, camels trekking across the desert of Al Khatam in Abu Dhabi, wild horses cantering through the blue shallows of Saintes Marie de la Me in France and playful stingrays basking off Moorea Island in French Polynesia. (Caters News)

  • Skullduggery TV: From Rashida With Love

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib and New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker join co-hosts Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman in this episode of “Skullduggery.” Tlaib weighs in on impeachment proceedings, the Trump administration, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As for Baker, he discusses the differences between covering the Obama administration and the Trump White House. It’s a feisty episode — buckle up.

  • Watch This Sweet Beluga Whale Return a Woman's Phone After She Dropped It in the Water

    Since April 26, a suspected Russian spy has been hanging around the Norwegian port city of Hammerfest.

  • PHOTOS: Drone camera captures stunning images of Icelandic glacier

    A drone-mounted camera has captured breathtaking images of a glacier in Iceland. Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo remotely shot a series of unique aerial images of the Vatnajökull glacier in February. It is the largest ice cap in Europe by volume and has a large core measuring almost a kilometer (0.6 mile) in thickness. The glacier also displays several ‘tongues’ — parts where the ice stretches from the core into the Icelandic tundra. Tiozzo, who lives in Moscow, said: “Seeing the glacier from above gives you an idea of its sheer size. This was the second year in a row that I visited Vatnajökull, which is receding fast due to rising temperatures. This year I visited some of the same spots, and it was very clear that the ice had been consumed, leaving big gaps behind.” (Caters News)

  • Baby Foxes Play Fight in Suburban Backyard

    A family of foxes have set up home in a backyard in Portsmouth, England, much to the delight of the residents there.Footage shared to Reddit by Jake Hall shows some adorable baby foxes enjoying some play time as a parent calmly looks on.“There is a whole family of foxes living in our back garden, it’s great just sitting here and watching them play fight,” Hall wrote alongside the adorable clip. Credit: Jake Hall via Storyful

  • PHOTOS: Mice and cosy – harvest mice nestled in tulips

    Ahhh! These adorable pictures of mice hiding inside colorful tulips are sure to melt your heart. These a-mice-ing images were taken this spring in Bournemouth, England, by British photographer Miles Herbert. In the collection, harvest mice are shown climbing to the tops of the beautiful blossoms and slotting themselves neatly inside, presumably for a well-deserved rest after the climb. Herbert said: “Harvest mice are the smallest European rodent, with adults weighing in at around four to six grams each." (Caters News)

  • PHOTOS: Jigsaw mash-ups

    These mind-bending masterpieces are created by an artist with a unique talent for combining different jigsaw puzzles into bizarre mash-ups. Whether it be piglets with the eyes of frogs, cows blended with construction vehicles or toy bears mixed with beer cans, no combination is off-limits for the creative eye of jigsaw fanatic Tim Klein. Klein, from Vancouver, Wash., came up with the concept for his one-of-a-kind works after discovering that many mass-produced 500-piece jigsaw puzzles have the same cut pattern, allowing their subjects to be merged in bizarre ways. He said: "For any pair of 500-piece puzzles with the same cut pattern, there are literally trillions of possible ways to intermingle their pieces, so the possibilities are endless." (Caters News)

  • PHOTOS: Egg-travagant treats for big cats

    Park keepers have treated their big cats to seasonal gifts: their very own Easter eggs. To coincide with the U.K.'s West Midland Safari Park’s "Easter Extravaganza" — at which guests can enjoy the spectacle of 50 giant "eggs" dotted around the park — park staff created large papier-mâché eggs for the cats, complete with colorful animal-print patterns. And the park decided to make the season even more EGG-citing, filling some of the eggs with meat for their carnivorous cheetahs Cody and Epezi, as well as Sumatran tigers Hujan and Nakal. (Caters News)