Jamie Foxx is one proud dad as daughter Corinne makes runway debut

Corinne Foxx's major runway debut was a dream come true for both her and her Hollywood father, Jamie Foxx. The actor's daughter modeled in the Sherri Hill fashion show on Tuesday, September 12, during New York Fashion Week. “Oh man it’s fantastic,” Jamie told HOLA! USA after the show. “To see her do her thing, I’m so proud.”


VIEW GALLERY Jamie Foxx supported his daughter Corinne as she walked in the Sherri Hill fashion show Photo: Andrew Toth /Getty Images

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When it came to giving his oldest daughter advice before hitting the runway, the 49-year old insisted that she’s a natural. “She already knows what to do,” he shared. “I didn’t need to tell her anything.” Jamie was in proud dad mode as he sat in the front row towards the end of the catwalk and recorded his 23-year-old’s big runway moment.

VIEW GALLERY Jamie sat front row at the Sherri Hill fashion show Photo: Andrew Toth /Getty Images

Corinne wore a show-stopping red gown and a silver fringe two-piece set on the catwalk. In the moment, the model channeled her father and had fun on the runway. “He always says you know 'Corinne have so much fun with it,'” she told HOLA! USA. “Don't take it so serious and freak yourself out too much.”


As for whether the Golden Globes stage or the runway is more nerve-wrecking, Corinne, who served as Miss Golden Globe 2016, admitted, “I didn't get nervous before the Golden Globes and don't really get nervous before this." Though she noted, “I say that now. Maybe the runway, because so much could go wrong you never know.”

VIEW GALLERY Corinne was Miss Golden Globe 2016 Photo: Slavin Vlasic /Getty Images

The model, who made an appearance during Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 in 2016, has called this year’s fashion week a “whirlwind." When it comes to getting advice from fellow models, the USC grad is leaving the advising to herself. “I think you have to learn on the spot,” she said. “No matter how much advice you get, you kind of forget it all once you are out there. You almost just lose your memory, so I think the more you do it, the more comfortable you become.”