Chris Hemsworth reveals wife Elsa Pataky has sacrificed a lot for him

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    Ma Jie Mao
    Pay her back, and just stay married and faithful.
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    She's older than him? Never would have guessed. Beautiful family
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    When there is love and family,there are always sacrifices.Nice family.
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    Continue to be a faithful, caring, loving husband and that's great payback.
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    Considering how many roles each has had, couldn't they retire right now and have enough for multiple lifetimes?
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    Ok, what you telling me for?
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    truth hurts
    Wow, he could get so much better now.. time to trade up Thor.
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    She is gorgeous... And I think my wife would be happy to let him have her way with her... I might even be into watching him give her the hammer....
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    Don't discriminate but disagree
    This is what a marriage is. Whomever is the primary bread winner, in this case him, then the other person in the relationship has to make sure their mate is in a position to meet the demands that it entails. As the financial benefits are for both parties. So even if your company or profession doesn't have your mate on the payroll officially, they still benefit from their sacrifice also.
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    Poor thing is always pregnant!